Food Photography Course

Not booking the photography clients & brand opportunities you deserve?

Let’s sharpen your food photography skills and transform your inspiration into your dream portfolio that makes doors to new brand opportunities fly open!

I spent 4 years in art school, 3 years interning and assisting professional photographers, and the last 10 years taking risks with real money on the line

but that doesn't mean you have to

I took the traditional route, but even today's DIY career mindset can eat away at your time, energy, and resources.


The reality is - you don't know what you don't know. And by the time you've figured it out, you may be too broke, tired, and frustrated to find real success.

so let me help you learn everything you need to know
in a fraction of the time it took me

In just a few short weeks, you'll learn the foundational skills you need to produce commercial-level images

and create a dynamic portfolio that sets you apart from the competition.


If you find yourself thinking

"maybe I'm just not cut out for being a

real food photographer..."

it will be my privilege to prove you wrong.


Learn to channel your creativity like a pro and

elevate your food photography to create a portfolio that stands out

Create expert-level food photos (even with basic equipment!)

Set yourself apart as a food photographer – without investing a bunch of money in advertising.

Experience the creative freedom

that comes from

total control of your camera.

Produce clean, professional edits in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Create a dynamic portfolio as you

begin to master the elements of composition.

Share your portfolio with


you don't have to waste more time feeling frustrated and uncertain of what to do next...

I've condensed everything you need to know into a concise and actionable program that gets results.

In just a few weeks, you can banish your uncertainty about:

What gear is truly necessary

Why your images aren't living up to your expectations

The best way to build an eye-catching portfolio and promote your work

with a curriculum that goes deeper than

“just the basics”

barista making specialty coffee drink - Jena Carlin Photography-10_WEB

01-04 curriculum pre-work

Everything needed to create professional-level photos, all in one place. Or, skip ahead to more advanced material.

  • The four must-have elements of dynamic images
  • A priority-sorted gear list with practical application  
  • A breakdown of when and how to use food photography lenses
  • The need-to-know manual mode guide and best food photography workflow

05 conquering composition & studio space

Become skillful and intentional with the elements of a food photo. Join me on a deep dive into the composition and design principles that will come naturally to you the more you practice them.

  • Recreate the design elements in your favorite images
  • Complete exercises and worksheets to help you master the elements of design
  • Make the most of your home and studio space
mod 5
mod 6

06 set styling artistry & elevated color theory

Understand the geometry of color as well as the emotion it carries in your food photos.

  • Learn to plan and build a food photography set with intention
  • Apply the principles of food styling that every food photographer should know
  • Understand color so you can use it as one of your biggest compositional tools

07 lighting with confidence

How to manipulate light and make lighting decisions second-nature.

  • Explore the range of hard and soft light
  • Set your style and create a mood with light
  • Do more with less, becoming confident working with one light source
Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 3.34.54 PM
mod 7

08 natural light mastery

Embrace the constant movement of sunlight and troubleshoot less than ideal weather.

  • Harness natural light in your home or studio
  • Look over my shoulder on a natural light set
  • Manipulate natural light on the fly using my proven modifiers

09 introduction to artificial light

Make the most of your investment and simplifying this complex topic with the basics of a one-light setup.

  • Start using artificial light with confidence
  • Increase the efficiency of your one-light setup
  • Modify and manipulate light with professional and makeshift tools

10 retouching: sooc to wow!

The basics of retouching and food photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Look over my shoulder during retouching demos and follow along with your own photos.

  • Optimize your workflow with Lightroom
  • See my favorite, go-to editing tools in action
  • Speed up your retouching and fine-tune your eye as you learn what to look for when editing

11 bonus module:

create goals & creative habits for life

Look to the future: How will you build on the concepts you've learned in this course and take the next steps?

  • Set actionable, concrete goals for your food photography business
  • Build creative habits that will keep you motivated
  • How to grow and maintain momentum
Dinner-Party-7808 - Jena Carlin Creative
mod 10

12 bonus module: where to find your first clients

Where to focus your efforts to create the most meaningful, creative relationships.

  • Make yourself the MVP on any set
  • Top tips for earning while you're learning
  • Price yourself with profit in mind


Copy of Course Glamour Shots Mock-Ups (8)

Finding Your Artistic Voice Video Lesson & Workbook ($200 value)

  • Discover what makes your photography unique
  • Create a signature style that resonates with clients
  • Bring your voice to your brand


Course Glamour Shot - Docs + Text Bubbles

Three-Light Setup: Tropical Farmer's Market Advanced Lighting Demo ($200 value)

  • Learn an advanced artificial lighting setup
  • Watch me live working on a set
  • Listen in on photo business Q&A

I am giving you the complete solution to the most common questions I receive about how to get started:

How to make the food photo that's in your imagination actually come to life, and compose images like the ones you admire from the pros

How to build your portfolio, determine your perfect-fit clients, and forge a network of like-minded food photographers

Enroll Today

with the plan that’s best for you!

you'll receive:

Lifetime access to all course materials

Lifetime access to peer community

10 jam-packed modules

Skill enhancing photo assignments

Fillable and printable workbooks

Engaging video demos

"I can't thank Jena and her team enough for not just helping me grow my photography skills but to make me grow as a complete PHOTOGRAPHER."

— Neetu Laddha, Portfolio to Profit Graduate —

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about your teacher...

I’m Jena, and I work with creative people all day every day to plan, style, shoot, and produce beautiful photos of the foods we love.


And yes…it’s as wonderful as it sounds.


I’m trained as a fine art painter and my background as an artist informs everything I do.


So when you’re learning from me, you’re learning foundational skills from someone who sees food photography the same way you see it: as art.


My goal is to see you not only master your equipment, but begin to trust your own unique perspective, and finally see the value that you and your camera bring to the table.


So tell me: what’s your vision? It’s time to start dreaming.


More about Jena.

as seen in...

as seen in_Green

have a few questions before you join?

a career as a food photographer might still seem too good to be true.

I created this step-by-step beginner’s course because I know it’s not!

All that’s left is for you to trust your desire to learn the craft of food photography,

so you can use this investment to grow your confidence

beyond your wildest dreams. 

choose the option that's best for your business:

Get your foundational training from me (Jena!) a highly sought-after, booked-out professional food photographer.

You're in good hands.

Kind words from students in Portfolio to Profit, my year-long mentorship program:

Jena asked us to set some goals

so I set a goal for like, okay,

two clients per month, two shoots

per month. And I

thought at the time that that was kind of outrageous…


Within two months, I’m definitely doing two (shoots) per month.


P2P has impacted me financially, like, hugely.



I’ve seen significant growth in my skillset,

built a network of other food

photographers and

industry professionals, and landed my first client at the goal income level I set at the beginning of P2P.



I had a small amount of

food photography background

as a food blogger,

but nothing to put me

at a professional level…


Joining P2P was the way for me to

bridge that gap. If you’re serious about

turning this into a career,

then take the leap and do it!

There are so many opportunities out there for you.



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